Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a fabulous week I've been having!

Maybe it started Saturday night, when a friend called unexpectedly and we had a really deep, inspiring conversation.  You know the kind I mean, where you want to run out and do a million awesome things after you get off the phone...

Sunday I was SO prepared for my classes.  It feels so great to actually know what's being talked about at church.  It is always a great blessing to be able to give uplifting and helpful comments and I have finally discovered that the best way to do this is to actually study the lessons beforehand...

Monday started the school-week off right.  I was on time, had it all together.  It felt good. 

Monday night my inaugural "family 5 minute lesson, 45 minute dessert evening" went over swimmingly.  The day ended on a huge high when I was able to have a heart-to-heart with a dear one who has been wandering and felt like we really connected and everything was really going to be okay.

Tuesday had to be fabulous because my sister Erin and I took my son Daniel out for sushi for his way-belated-birthday.  Yummy!!

And today I felt like I hit a home run at work.  I had all the right things to say.  I was available for each well-timed hug and smile the kids needed but was strict when the situation called for it.  I calmed a sweet autistic boy's temper tantrum, rocked him on my lap while he wept.  I reasoned with an unreasonable and angry child.  And best of all, I boosted the spirits of a lovely young woman who was struggling with perfectionism - reminding her that the only perfect being to ever walk this earth died for our sins, knew we weren't going to be perfect, and yet loves us so very much...

How is your week going?

love always,